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Zoppen International Travel Adapter 4 USB Charging Port Smart Wall Promotion

Zoppen International Travel Adapter

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  People Can Apply:  03/19/2017 - 04/03/2017

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Zoppen International Travel Adapter 4 USB Charging Port Smart Wall

Zoppen International Travel Adapter - A3 (4 USB) • Designed to lightweight, compact for Worldwide Travelers • Simultaneously Charging 5 Devices and Deliver Optimized Electric Current and Enabling Full-Speed Charging • Easy Charging Your USB Device in More than 150 Countries with Universal Plugs [ US/JP UK Euro AU/CN ] • 8 Pin AC Socket Receptacle for 2-Pole Electrical device for USA, Japan, UK, Euro, Australia, China and more Advanced Technical Specific • Receptacles for : USA/Japan, UK, Australia/China, Europe • Retractable plugs : USA, UK, Australia/China, Europe • Input voltage : 100 V - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz , Max. Load 6A (fuse) • Power rating : e.g. 100 V - 600 W / 240 V - 1440 W • USB output : 5 V DC / 3500 mA ( 2 x 2100 mA + 2 x 2400 mA) Surge Protection and Reliable for Worldwide Travelers Built-in Smart IC for Intelligent Charging, Reinforced outer shell (thermal material), Stainless steel contacts, Safety Shutters for AC Sockets, Current Stabilizer, Short Circuit Prevention ( 6.0 Amp Fuse ), Plug Lock System Certificated Safe Zoppen travel adapter A3 is approved by FCC, CE, RoHS, IEC60884-2 -5 (International Electrotechnical Commission norms) NOTICE • The Adapter A3 does NOT Convert Voltage Power. • It is not suitable high power electrical appliances with Hair dryers, Curling irons/ Flattening and other high wattage device (Indoor use only) 12 Monthes Product Warranty If the product is deemed defective, you can simply return to us for an No Hassle Replacement or Refund.