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Zoe+Ruth Fever Thermometer Promotion

Our team has created the ZR-P100+ thermometer with excellent features for your precious families to solve these problems.

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Zoe+Ruth Fever Thermometer

Zoe+Ruth Digital Thermometer ZR-R100+

The Zoe+Ruth Fever Thermometer is for Oral, Rectal & Axillary Reading.

Are you sick and tired of inaccurate readings, long read times or poor quality?! Search no more!
At Zoe+Ruth our team has created the ZR-P100+ thermometer with excellent features for your precious families to solve these problems. Zoe+Ruth are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality devices.

• Quick-read from 10 seconds (for rectal read)
• Waterproof so cleans easily
• Reliable with extensive clinical testing, FDA and CE approved
• State of the art microchip, accurate temperature reading to within 0.2 F and 0.1 C
• Convenience of Oral, Axillary or Rectal reading
• Light weight ergonomic design with a soft flexible tip for maximum comfort
• Our small Pen-style thermometers is ideal for all age ranges from infant to child to adult
• Last reading memory recall
• Factory default set to Fahrenheit (Celsius readings available at the press of a button)
• Easy to operate, simple one touch button with Fever warning andEasy read LCD display
• Energy saving with automatic shutoff
• Zoe+Ruth Basal chart available to download
• Storage case, hygienic and great for travel
• Replaceable battery

Digital Thermometer • Plastic Storage Case • Clear Instruction Manual • Battery • Warranty Card

**The thermometer will be provided to you free of charge**
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