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Zoe+Ruth Callus Remover ZR-CR200 Promotion

Say goodbye to ugly dry cracked feet with the Zoe+Ruth electric callus remover and remove dead skin from feet in minutes for a smoother sexy summer look!

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Zoe+Ruth Callus Remover ZR-CR200

Say goodbye to Ugly Dry Cracked Feet with the Zoe+Ruth Electric Callus Remover and Remove Dead Skin from Feet in Minutes for a Smoother Sexy Summer Look!

Foot Pain can be so debilitating, Rough Skin, Dry Cracked Feet, Cracked Heels are all common issues that can be the cause of this Pain. Pedicures can assist with Foot Pain Relief but can be costly - we have a Rough Skin Remover and Callus Eliminator Solution for you that can be used anywhere anytime with our Professional Home Pedicure Kit.

• Gently and Easily Remove Rough, Tough, Coarse and Dry Skin with this Foot File for Feet
• The New 2016 model is one of the Most Powerful. Now Re-engineered to handle the Toughest Calluses
• Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery. Economical as no need to waste money on replacing batteries
• Water-resistant. Use it on Wet or Dry Skin. When cleaning simply run it under the tap and use the Brush Provided
• Made with premium quality ABS materials. CE approved
• Includes THREE Micro-Abrasive Surface rollers (additional ZR roller heads will be available soon)
• Sleek and beautiful packaging makes it excellent for gift giving

We Guarantee that this product works and that you will NOT be Disappointed!
Product Includes:
• Zoe+Ruth Electric Callus Remover
• Roller Grinding Head
• PLUS TWO FREE Refill Roller Grinding Heads!
• BONUS Travel Storage Case
• US 100V-240V International Charger
• Cleaning Brush
• Warranty Card

**The Callus Remover will be provided to you free of charge**

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