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Zeolite Powder, 1lb, FINE Less-than 20 µm, Clinoptilolite: 90-92%, Activated Promotion

100% natural volcanic mineral from Norway. 1 Pound (454g)Clinoptilolite: 90-92%, activated.Ultrafine

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Zeolite Powder, 1lb, FINE Less-than 20 µm, Clinoptilolite: 90-92%, Activated

100% natural volcanic mineral from Norway. 1 Pound (454g) Clinoptilolite: 90-92%, activated. Ultrafine: 20 µm! By powdering the Zeolite we increase it’s surface area thereby increasing it's effectiveness. Micronized with ceramic balls, so no metal included! Recommended: use wooden or ceramic spoon. Zeolites have a number of industrial, agricultural, and medical uses. MINERALOGICAL COMPOSITION Klinoptilolith 90-92%, Feldspar 2-4% Cristobalite 5-7%, Mica 1-2% CHEMICAL COMPOSITION SiO2 65.0 to 71.3% Al2O3 11.5 to 13.1% CaO 2.7 to 5.2% K2O 2.2 to 3.4% Fe2O3 0.7 to 1.9% MgO 0.6 to 1.2% Na2O 0.2 to 1.3% TiO2 0.1 to 0.3% Analysis of trace elements: Co


"HEILTROPFEN" Zeolite Powder #zeolite1lb, IS THE FOUNDATION OF MY BODY DETOX PROGRAM. Has Become The Foundation Of My Personal, Body Detox Program. I Researched This Natural Product For Many Hours And The "HEILTROPFEN" Company Too. This Formulation Appears To Keep The Zeolite Very Stable And, In Turn, Very Effective Within The Body! In Less Than Two Weeks, This Product Already Seems To Have Lessened Body Aches, Headaches And Even My Long- Standing Abdominal Issues. Simple And Useful, This Zeolite Powder Can Help You Too! Try It Here For Yourself And Best Wishes. Https:// 8
Holly Donner Holly Donner  

Over The Years I've Tried To Use A Few Types Of Bentonite Clay But, I Didn't Find It Palatable In Any Drink, It Was Too Upsetting In Pill Form And It Left A Mess In The Bath Tub. I'd Considered Zeolite But Opted To Try It After Emery Smith Mentioned He Uses It To Balance Ph. I'm A Little Skeptical Of The Effectiveness In Liquid Form So, I Went For This Ultra Fine Powder Because Of The Quality Of The Lab Results. My First Attempt Was A Success, I Added 1/2 Teaspoon To 2oz Of Room Temperature, Bottled Spring Water And It Dissolved Quickly And Completely, It's Like Taking A Zeolite Shot And Is Palatable Enough That I Don't Need To Put It In A Capsule. Since, I Have Found 1/2 A Teaspoon In 2oz Of Water 2x A Days Is A Good Fit For Me. There Is Not Really Much Taste Or Texture Going Down But A Thin Ash Layer Felt On My Tongue That Washes Away With A Drink Of Water. Learn More @ Https://
Meg Ryan Meg Ryan  

My Purpose For Purchasing Was For Detox Baths And Not Ingesting. I’ve Been Using For Almost A Month Now, Just A Teaspoon Or 2 In My Bath Water. I Personally Like To Add A Couple Drops Of My Favorite Essential Oil But It’s Not Necessary. This Product Dissolves Well And Doesn’t Smell Bad. I’ve Had Others That Did! These Baths Are Supposed To Detox By Trapping The Bad And Leaving The Good Stuff! That Being Said I Feel Rejuvenated! Truly My Skin Looks Great I Feel Great And Look Forward To My Baths!! I Only Soak About 20 Mins. I Read That 20 Mins Was All You Need So I Go By That. Everyone Should Do Their Own Research And Make Their Own Decisions Bc I Am In No Way Advising Anyone! I Personally Feel I Have Benefited By Using This Product And I’m Very Happy With The Results!! A Little Goes A Long Way So It’s Worth The Cost! Https://
Crystal Gregg Crystal Gregg  

Very easy to take fine 100% natural volcanic mineral from Norway. Detox heavy metals from your body.
Jazmin Ward Jazmin Ward  

Zeolite Is A Great Detox To Remove Heavy Metals & Promote Balance & Overall Well-being. Heiltropfen Provides A Large 1lb Container Of Fine Zeolite Powder. It's A Great Size To Provide You With Several Detoxes. Get It Here, Https://
Zaneta Ortiz Zaneta Ortiz  

I Just Added Zeolite Powder To My Regime Of Supplements. While It Should Be Handled With Care And Never Inhaled, If You Use The Recommended Dosage It Can Be A Powerful Substance That Removes Toxins From Your Body. I Am Taking The Average Dose Of One Teaspoon Per Day. There Is No Taste. I Mix It With Water And It Just Tastes A Little Chalky. You Can Also Make It Into A Paste And Use It As A Mask As It's Great For Your Skin Too.