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Zen Effect Herbal Complete Promotion

Designed to meet the needs of your body as it responds to stress.

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Zen Effect Herbal Complete

Zen Effect was specifically designed to meet the needs of your body as it responds to stress.

Depleted neurotransmitters are typically the culprit responsible for the psychological effects of stress including difficulty Coping with life's challenges, feeling "Frazzled" and the sometimes debilitating effects of Anxiety.

Ingredients within Zen Effect have been Proven to lower cortisol levels an indicator of the body's excessive response to stress... while restoring depleted neurotransmitters.

>> LOWERS STRESS LEVELS - Zen Effect helps DECREASE Cortisol levels. When Cortisol (a stress hormone) levels are high, it indicates your stress response process is in overdrive and are becoming overwhelmed. This often results in fatigue and mental fogginess. As cortisol levels decrease you will become more focused and start to build energy throughout the day.

>> WELL BEING - Zen Effect contains ingredients that are Proven to build neurotransmitters, often depleted when stressed and or anxious. This typically increases your overall sense of well-being.

>> REDUCES ANXIETY - As Zen Effect builds neurotransmitters (GABA and serotonin) that are largely responsible for anxiety… The results are Quick and effective relief!

>> GOOD NIGHT SLEEP - as symptoms of stress are eliminated, you will find yourself able to relax, and more soundly through the night... Falling to sleep quickly and staying asleep through the night!