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YoungQI Kitchen Faucet Promotion

Refined copper main body. Advanced plating processing.

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YoungQI Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen Taps Polished Chrome Hot and Cold Mixer Single Handle Single Hole Swivel Spout Spring Pre Rinse Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

1. refined copper main body: 62 leading subject selection of quality pure copper ingot, USES the international most advanced gravity casting process, the precision machinery processing and manufacturing, likes nature itself, strong and durable.

2. lead standard:In line with the national GB/T176 lead standard, no harm to human body health, protect you and your family use no harmful products of metal elements.

3. plating: Using advanced plating processing, after acid copper, nickel, chromium multiple coating, plating layer with good adhesion, fine, uniform color, excellent corrosion resistance to ensure the product surface gloss bright and long lasting.

4. valve core:
1) the use of precision imported ceramic valve core, with a diamond like hardness, high quality ceramic spool, feel comfortable and light, more than 500 thousand times the switch can operate smoothly, durable.
2) no maintenance, no wear and tear, aging resistance.
3) suitable for hard water, not affected by the impact of gravel or sand.
4) product inspection: the introduction of Germany spectrometer, the Japanese film thickness tester and other advanced laboratory equipment, from raw material inspection to the auxiliary parts of the test, the service life of the product, the product of the sealing to product the thickness of the coating on the surface of the test, the product of saving water flow test, through strict inspection, every working procedure of the whole experiment operating standards are by CAS Canadian standards, ASM America standard, EN817 European standards and national standards.