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Xinglan Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphone Promotion

Long battery life. Simple to use. Never fall off during workouts.

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Xinglan Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphone

Long battery life: Built-in high performance polymer 80mAh battery, 5 hours talking/playing time, and about 160 hours standby time.

Simple-to-use: control all functions of your music (volume, sound, song selection) and calls from your phone via our simple-to-use user interface on the headphones themselves.

Never fall off during workouts. Ergonomic in-ear design with medical grade silicone ear gels and stabilizers, providing you the most comfortable wearing earbuds full day.

Good noise isolation to create the optimal environment for listening to your favorite tunes, built-in microphone with noise cancellation for clear calling and friends chatting.

Lightweight and sweatproof design for running.

Sean Thomas Sean Thomas  

So I Got To Review This Https:// This Weekend As Part Of A Service To Review Items? Here Is My Review. The Arrived Quickly (like 3 Days) And The Box Was Packaged Well, Easy To Open And Secure Inside. One Earpiece Was Harder To Remove Than The Other, I Charged Them Overnight Even Though It Only Required 1-2 Hour Charge. I Brought Them With Me This Morning, And They Were Easy To Figure Out The Syncing Without The Instructions (you Just Hold The Phone Button Down) The Volume Control Works In The Music Section, But Not In Some Apps (like The Star Trek Game App) The Skip Forward And Back Work Well. The Mic Could Be A Little More Sensitive But I Am In A Work Enviroment. The Sounds From The Speaker Could Be A Little Richer, But Seeing That It Is A0 Wireless, And Bass Can Take More Energy, It Was Done Most Likely For Power Reasons. All In All This Is A Handy Totally Wireless Headset, And A Good Buy, The Price Is Low From What I Have Seen That These Can Go For, A Good Buy!
Sean Thomas Sean Thomas  

check out my review of at great headphones at a great price! easy to use
Jeremy Cox Jeremy Cox  

Annie Phillips Annie Phillips … ( Link to product ) #bluetoothheadphones #tryitfree Xinglan Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 In-Ear
Daniel Ott Daniel Ott  

Just reviewed the Xinglan Wireless Bluetooth headphones. See my "song for sore ears" review #bluetooth #gadgets
Daniel Ott Daniel Ott  

I Have Sampled A Few Wireless Headphones Since They Have Become So Popular. From Weak Signal To Falling Out Of My Ears At Each Step – I Have Experienced It All. These Bluetooth Headphones, However, Were A “song For Sore Ears”. I Was Happy To Find That These Headphones Could Handle The Bouncing And Bumping Of Running And Typical Exercise. I Was Also Impressed With The Sound Quality And Ability To Block Out Traffic And Other External Sounds. Best Features • Light Weight • Snug Fit (stayed In Ears While Running) • Great Sound/good For Noise Canceling • Great Battery Life (tested Around 5 Hours Of Music) Room For Improvement • Design Could Be More Streamline Against Ears And Head (this However Does Not Affect Functionality) If You Want Headphones That Stay In Your Ear When You Run, Walk, Or Move In Anyway, While Also Producing Great Clean Sound, Than The Xinglan Will Do The Job Well. I Was Surprised, But Am So Happy I Have Them! Http://
Jessica Auth Jessica Auth  

This Is A Decent Headset. I Gave It 4 Starson Amazon Because It Doesn't Really Fit My Earholes Well. I Guess My Ears Are Smaller Than Average. My Husband Can Wear Them Fine And Said They Were Comfortable And He Liked Them. They Paired With My Laptop And Tablet Just Fine. It Has Different Inserts For Dfferent Sizes. I Just Wish One Of Them Fit Me. Https://
Jeremy Cox Jeremy Cox my review of Xinglan Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphone
Annie Phillips Annie Phillips  

Xinglan Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphone Long Battery Life: Built-in High Performance Polymer 80mAh Battery, 5 Hours Talking/playing Time, And About 160 Hours Standby Time. Easy-to-use: Control All Functions Of Your Music (volume, Sound, Song Selection) And Calls From Your Phone Via Our Simple-to-use User Interface On The Headphones Themselves.Love These Earphones And Great For An Active Life. Https:// ( Link To Product )
Heidi Kruegr Heidi Kruegr  

Jorge Pedroza Jorge Pedroza  

Specifications: Model: R18 Bluetooth Version: V4.1+EDR Operating Range: 10m Bluetooth Profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP, APTX Standby Time: About 160hours Charging Time: About 2 Hours Talking Time: 5 Hours