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XCAR Wind Protector Car Cover Promotion

XCAR Wind protector kit offers protection not only for cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, RVs, tents, but can also be a BBQ cover, boat cover, furniture cover, camping tent, etc.

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XCAR Wind Protector Car Cover

XCAR Wind protector kits offers protection not only car covers,suv covers, truck covers, van covers, RV covers, tent,but also on BBQ covers, boat covers, furniture covers, camping tents etc.

- Idea designed for sedan car cover, suv cover, truck cover, van cover, rv covers
- Four unique design tarp clips to secure the car cover bottom
- Two 36 inch bungees to connect two clips and make sure the cover won't blow away in heavy wind and gust
- Secure your covers in heavy wind for full protection
- Easy installation not only for vehicle covers, but also ideas for the BBQ covers,boat covers,furniture covers,camping tents etc