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XCAR Dust Shield Car Cover Promotion

Double stitch seams and Elastic hems, snug fit car covers.

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XCAR Dust Shield Car Cover

XCAR Universal Breathable Dust Prevention Car Cover-Fits Sedan Hatchback Up To 228 Inch In Length

Universal fit car cover, free cable and lock
Double stitch seams and Elastic hems, snug fit car covers
Offers the Basic protect for your cars,more suitable for indoor use and limited outdoor use
Breathable, Water repellent fabric ,UV protection fabric car covers
Antenna patch and Free storage bag including

Marilyn Diven Marilyn Diven  

Https:// My Husband And I Spend Our Summers Up In The Mountains Because It’s Much Cooler. We Really Enjoy The Trees, But Not The Pollen. We Are Always Battling That Fine Layer Of Yellow Tree Dust That Accumulates On Everything. Since We Have To Park One Of Our Cars Outside, We Have To Rinse The Tree Pollen Off The Windshield Almost Daily If We Want To See Where We’re Going. We Purchased The 200”-223” Cover For Our Honda Accord. We Followed The Directions That Came With It, And Found It Very Easy To Put On. Find The Clearly-marked Label Saying It’s The FRONT And Begin There. The Lower Edge Is Elasticized, So Once You Hook It Over The Front Bumper, It Stays Put. Pull The Cover Towards The Back And Keep Pulling It Until You Get To The Back Bumper. It Fits Our Accord Very Well, But Has Enough Slack That You Could Also Use It On A Slightly Longer Vehicle. Due To The Fitted Outline, I Don’t Think It Would Work On A Truck Or SUV. The Cover Comes With A Cable And Lock, Along With Built-in Grommets On Either Side Of The Cover, That Keeps It Secured From Wind And The Old 5-fingered Discount Or, As My Husband Likes To Call It, “Midnight Auto Supply”. The Cover’s Material Is Fairly Lightweight, So Don’t Expect It To Protect Your Car From A Heavy Rainstorm, But They Don’t Promise To Do That Anyway. What It Does Do Is Keep The Dust And Pollen Off The Car So We Don’t Have To Run It Through The Car Wash Every Time We Take It Somewhere. It Also Offers Some Protection For The Paint Against Sun Damage, So I Guess This Means The Color Won’t Fade As Fast. I Purchased This Product At A Discount For My Fair And Unbiased Review.
Edith Hernandez Edith Hernandez  

I Have Had Covers That Were Comparably Priced , But Were Far Inferior To This Cover . The First Time I Removed The Cover (after Having It On The Car A Week ) I Was Surprised To See No Dust Had Filtered Through To The Car , And Believe Me That Wasn't The Case With The Other Covers I Owned !!. All In All I Am Very Pleased . I Store My Car In A Carport So I Don't Know How It Would Work Out In The Weather . I Received This Product At A Discount Price In Exchange For My Honest Review
Maggie Ornduff Maggie Ornduff  

About Product 228 Inch Car Cover Is Fit For The Popular Car Models As Follows Ford Taurus Chrysler 300 SRT8 Dodge Charger SRT8 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Cadillac XTS Lincoln MKS Lexus LS 600h L Chevrolet Impala Jaguar XJ Mercedes-Benz S-Class Audi A8 BMW ALPINA B7