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X-PROTECTOR PREMIUM Furniture Pads 101 Piece Promotion

Do you like to see scratches and scuffs on the floor in Your lovely home?

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X-PROTECTOR PREMIUM Furniture Pads 101 Piece

Do you like to see scratches and scuffs on the floor in Your lovely home?
Imagine that one sunny day You look at wooden or laminate floor and see it was all covered with scratches by the seats and chairs.
How much efforts and money will You spend for remove these scratches?
Felt furniture sliders for hardwood floors X-PROTECTOR prevent the appearance of such problems in the future and protect wooden and laminated surfaces in Your home from scratches and scuffs!
HIGH QUALITY - felt chair pads X-PROTECTOR are made of high-quality eco-friendly felt and give to Your floor, furniture and other surfaces caring solid protection against the legs of chairs, armchairs, tables and other items.
TENACIOUS ADHESIVE - our chair leg floor protectors has tenacious adhesive which does not allow them to come off from furniture legs as fast as it comes with cheap pads and tightly hold the pad on the furniture for a long period of time.
IT'S SIUTABLE FOR ALL- You can use our wood floor protectors for any type of chair legs, furniture feet and other home furniture, electrical and other items. It's very easy to stick our hardwood floor protectors to Your home furniture and items to protect all what You need.
BEST VALUE - great combination PRICE+VARIETY+QUALITY for protect furniture surfaces for all items in Your lovely home. For Your individual needs we have piece of felt which You can cut to any shapes and variety of sizes:
Brown 101 pads:
(36) 3/8"
(8) ¾"
(48) 1"
(4) 2"
(4) ½x6"
(1) 4 1/3x6"

Philipp Gergen Philipp Gergen Loved this product amazing stuff
Donna Williams Donna Williams  

Protect Your Floors. Use These
Jenni Becher Jenni Becher  

Looking forward to using these. 101 pieces - so many options! #xprotector #ProductForReview
Donna Williams Donna Williams  

Protect your floors. Use these
Tiffany Phillips Tiffany Phillips  

The X-Protector premium furniture pad 101 pieces worked amazingly! They made it easy to avoid scuffs on the floor, and moved around easier
Emmy Hernandez Emmy Hernandez  

Https:// These Furniture Pads Stayed Right Where I Stuck Them. No Scratches On The Floor, Moved Very Easily, And Didn't Make Any Noise When I Pulled Out A Chair!!! Love The Different Sizes, For Multiple Uses And The Way They Are So Easily Attached To The Legs Of The Furniture, Makes Using Them Really Easy To Use!
Donna Phipps Donna Phipps  

Check out these awesome furniture felt pads.
Donna Phipps Donna Phipps  

Check Out These Awesome Furniture Felt Pads.
Jenni Becher Jenni Becher  

Looking Forward To Trying These. X-PROTECTOR PREMIUM Furniture Pads - 101 Pieces ... So Many Options!! #xprotector #productprovidedforreview
Tiffany Phillips Tiffany Phillips  

So My Grandmother Has These Really Nice, And Expensive Hardwood Floors. My Grandmother Also Loves To Move Her Furniture Around To Rearrange At Least Once A Month To Change It Up. She Had A Couple Of Issues With A Few Scuffs On The Ground, And Had Them Repaired. I Found Theses On The Site, And Thought About Her, So I Ordered Them. I Went Over To Her House The Other Day, And We Spent The Day Putting These X-Protector Furniture Pads On The Bottom Of Her Couches, Her Tables, Her Bedroom Furniture, And Whatever She Moved On A Regular Basis. We Tried It Out, Moving Various Pieces Of Furniture, And It Worked So Well!! Not Only Were There No Scuff Marks, The Pads On The Bottom, Made It Easier To Move Around. She Was Absolutely Thrilled.
Emmy Hernandez Emmy Hernandez  

These furniture pads stayed right where I stuck them! Love the different sizes!