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X-Protector Premium Furniture Pads 133 Pieces Promotion

Our pads create shield between floor and furniture, desks and tabletops, which carefully protect surface from scratches and scuffs.

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X-Protector Premium Furniture Pads 133 Pieces

X-PROTECTOR FURNITURE FELT PADS - best protection for your wooden, laminate or tiled flooring. Our pads create shield between floor and furniture, desks & tabletops, which carefully protect surface from scratches and scuffs.

SUITABLE FOR ANY HOME FURNITURE - our chair pads are perfect for any type of chair legs, metallic and wooden furniture feet and other home furniture, electrical and other items. It's very easy to stick our self-adhesive pads to Your home furniture and items.

Brown 106 pads: (45) ¾, (24) 1", (36) 1x1", (1) 3x4".
Beige 27 pads: (10) ¾ ", (8) 1", (4) 1 ½", (4) ½x6 ", (1) 4 2/3x6".

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Samantha Hall Samantha Hall  

Hunter and I are in the process of moving and these felt pads have been lifesavers on our floors.
Veronica Muller Veronica Muller  

Life is so much easier w my electric stapler I received at a discounted price to test, review availabile on Amazon!…
Daniel Braik Daniel Braik  

I've been very impressed with these XProtector furniture pads I purchased off Amazon. Try them out for yourself here
Robert Bowden Robert Bowden  

Me: "Uhh Sean, when do you think this expires?" @seanfratzet: "Well it's January 19th, 2009, so..." Me: "Uhh Sean, none of that is right
Matt Stringham Matt Stringham  

I just got some awesome new #furniture pads for the new #house! These are good quality and the price is awesome!!
Clint & Wendy Asbell Clint & Wendy Asbell  

Check out this Amazon deal: X-PROTECTOR PREMIUM Furniture Pads 133 piece!... by X-Protector via @amazon