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Women's Knee Sleeves Promotion

Provide maximum support to your knees and prevent injuries thanks to the best knee compression sleeve pair for women!

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Women's Knee Sleeves

Provide Maximum Support To Your Knees And Prevent Injuries Thanks To The Best Knee Compression Sleeve Pair For Women!
Every woman who respects herself and wants to look her best follows an active lifestyle.However,even though exercising is essential if you wish to maintain a good physical condition,taking care of your knees and keep them perfectly protected should never be neglected!
Support Your Knees And Protect Them From Getting Injured
TM Smalets presents you with a groundbreaking knee compression sleeve pair that is bound to meet all your demands.These high quality knee braces are made of 5mm thick neoprene.Their thin design allows you to perform any desired movement comfortably.
What is more,they have been specially designed so as to remain steady and apply the ideal amount of compression throughout the most intense exercising routines.In this way,they manage to keep your knee joint perfectly supported and properly warmed up,preventing injuries.
Relieve Pain Caused By Injuries And Help Your Body Recover Faster
The TM Smalets knee sleeves for women feature an anatomical design which is also aesthetically pleasing.Apart from providing maximum support,they can facilitate improved blood circulation around the knee joint,allowing your body to quickly recover from previous injuries.
Available In A Variety Of Colors And Sizes
These top rated womens knee compression sleeve come in black and pink.Pick the color that best accompanies your personal style and impress.Moreover,you can have a look at our detailed size chart and choose the one that is ideal for your knee.
inches sm
11,8-12,6 30-32 cm XSmall
12,6-13,4 32-34 cm Small
13,4-14,2 34-36 cm Medium
14,2-15 36-38 cm Large
15-15,7 38-40 cm XLarge