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Wolfe Castelle Herb Grinder Promotion

4-Piece 2'' Tobacco Herb Grinder -54 Razor Sharp Teeth Guarantee A Smooth, Easy Grind Every Time - Durable, Long-Lasting and Backed By A LIFETIME Guarantee

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Wolfe Castelle Herb Grinder

A SMOOTH POWDERY GRIND EVERY TIME - There are a total of fifty-four razor sharp teeth in your Wolf Castelle herb, weed, tobacco grinder that make grinding even tough spices like cinnamon and clove a smooth and effortless joy. Finally, no more catching or cranking!

HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION - If you've ever used a plastic herb grinder you know how quickly they fall apart. Your new Wolf Castelle gun metal grey grinder is crafted from 100% lead-free zinc alloy so you can look forward to using it for many years to come!

CONVENIENT THREE CHAMBER DESIGN - We've designed your Wolf Castelle tobacco herb weed grinder with three chambers: a grinding area on the top, a large reservoir for holding herbs or spices in the middle, and a pollen catcher on the bottom.

GRIND A LOT OF HERBS WEED TOBACCO IN ONE GO - Hold your new Wolf Castelle herb grinder in your hand. At 2 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall it sits comfortably in the palm of your hand. And this larger size makes it a breeze for you to grind more herbs or spices in one go.

LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - There could only be one reason for such a strong guarantee: We're betting that once you've tried it, we couldn't pry this herb grinder from your hands if we tried!