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Wishstone Shot Flask With Mini Funnel Promotion

Wishstone Shot Flask with Mini Funnel by Wishstone, Premium Quality Leather Wrapped Flask, Collapsible 2 oz 304 Stainless Steel Shot-glass, Includes Mini Funnel for Easy Refilling, Enjoy Your Drink on the Go...

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Wishstone Shot Flask With Mini Funnel

Hii am currently launching a shot flask set( flask with build in shot glass), and you can get it for $1 in exchange your honest review on product page and your blog

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3. only 20 units available

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Wishstone Shot Flask With Mini Funnel

PERFECT GIFT; all in one set consisting of a collapsible shot glass, mini funnel and premium flask, the perfect gift with a great design for drinking on the move!

PREMIUM 304 STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION; precise machining and the highest quality finish from ultra durable stainless steel that won't rust or discolour after long term use!

SOFT LEATHER WRAPPING; super soft, premium leather wrapping with white stitched detailing across the flask for an ultra comfortable, stylish and easy to grip surface!

BUILT IN SHOT GLASS; forget carrying a separate glass, the innovative flask design holds a collapsible, stainless steel 2 oz shot glass for convenient, precise drinking!

INCLUDES STAINLESS STEEL MINI FUNNEL; complete with a durable, long lasting stainless steel funnel for easy pouring and refilling the Flask without spills! 100% money back guarantee! Click the Orange button to Order Now!