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Wisedry 10g X 30 Packs Rechargeable Silica Gel Desiccant Packets Promotion

- Package: 10g x 30 Packs- Uses including Foods,Medications,Seeds,Spices,Boats,RV's,Storage,Garages,Tool Boxes,Tackle Boxes,Electronics,Cabinets,Closets,Books,Cosmetics,Ammo…

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Wisedry 10g X 30 Packs Rechargeable Silica Gel Desiccant Packets

- Package: 10g x 30 Packs
- Uses including Foods,Medications,Seeds,Spices,Boats,RV's,Storage,Garages,Tool Boxes,Tackle Boxes,Electronics,Cabinets,Closets,Books,Cosmetics,Ammo Cans,Safes,decorations,etc
- Contains Orange moisture indicating Silica Gel For an visual indication Of when the desiccant need to be replaced to keep the storage environment dry.
- Moisture Absorption Rate: > 30% (Each 10g desiccant packet can absorb humidity at least 3g)
- Suggested Dosage: 10g for closed space Max 6L;in very humid conditions suggest use more packs to be more effective
- Vacuum package to avoid loss of its moisutre absorption capacity.Double packed with zip lock bag outside,convenient use and storage.
- Premium quality desiccant with Food & Medicine Grade,100% guaranteed,no risk