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Wireless Sweatproof Earbuds Promotion

Sporty fit and comfortable designed.

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Wireless Sweatproof Earbuds

Sporty fit and comfortable designed: With a unique behind-the-neck design to ensure that it fits snugly without any risk of it being jostled or falling off.
Built-in Microphone to answer or decline a phone call. The excellent sound quality allows to hear calls clearly while avoiding cutting in and out.
Built-in lithium-ion polymer battery supports up to 180hours for stand-by and up to 8hours for talking or music time. Battery life remaining status will be visible on the paired Bluetooth devices.
The Bluetooth headphones can pair with 2 different Bluetooth devices simultaneously to give you double the possibilities for answering calls and streaming music to your workout headphones.
Have an NFC-enabled phone? NFC for quick connection and easily pairing and connecting through the in built NFC. Simply touch selected NFC-enabled devices