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Wireless Doorbell Waterproof 1 Push Button And 1 Plug-in Receiver Promotion

ZOEVIEW Wireless Doorbell Makes Your Life Easier and More ConvinientEasy to InstallPlug the receiver into the wall outlet at the living room, your office, your store or your room. Install the push…

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Wireless Doorbell Waterproof 1 Push Button And 1 Plug-in Receiver

ZOEVIEW Wireless Doorbell Makes Your Life Easier and More Convinient

Easy to Install
Plug the receiver into the wall outlet at the living room, your office, your store or your room. Install the push button transmitter with the attached adhesive tape on the doorframe or the wall.

Press the volume button to adjust the sound volume to be high, medium and low.
Press the melody button to choose your favourite tune before code pairing.
Power on, press the push button to enter code pairing.

Operating Range: 1000 feet/ 300m in the open air
Tunes: 38 melodies
Volume: 3 levels(High, Medium, Low)
Operating Frequency: 433.92MHz+100KHz
Transmitter Power consumption: standby:<5uA; working:<15mA
Receiver's Power Supply: AC 110~240V
Push Button's Power Supply: DC 3V (CR2032)

Pacakage Included
1 x Plug-in Receiver
1 x Push Button
1 x Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
1 x 3 Volts CR2032 Battery for Push Button
1 x User Manual

Derek Strong Derek Strong  

I'm ready for my sister to come home! Got this so she can page me in case she can't get to the intercom system in an emergency. It even came with the battery AND a tiny screwdriver to open the transmitter! #home #zoetouch #sister #callbell
Michelle Thomas Michelle Thomas  

The ZOEVIEW Wireless Doorbell - Simple, Affordable, Loud, Clear Installation was simple and straight-forward. It took 5 minutes from start to finish. Woot-Woot no wiring, no worries. If I can do it, so can YOU! #AD #Sponsored
Michele Bucklo Michele Bucklo  

300NA-0084 Battery Operated Zoeview Wireless Waterproof Doorbell Kit with 1000 Feet Range with 1 Push Button, 1 Plug-in Receiver, and 38 Chimes by 1Byone The Most Affordable and Worthwhile Wireless Doorbell You Could Find At This Price! Ive always wanted to upgrade my standard doorbell, especially with 3 little boys it's not easy to drop everything to run and see who it is! However, until now, the price of any that had decent quality was just more than I'd been able to afford, never mind the daunting installation process! Lucky for me, both of those issues were ones I didn't have with this model! All I had to do was plug the reciever into the wall, stick the transmitter to the door frame with secure adhesive tape it comes with, and that was it! With just a click of a button I can adjust the volume or even change the chime. No need to be an expert DIYer here! Even through our thick and heavy door it works like a charm, which I'm truly happy about since I'm deaf in my right ear so it's not been easy to hear our standard one at times when the noise level has been high inside. After I placed the reciever in our living room, just a glance to see if the light was flashing or the sound of chime was all it took to tell me if someone was outside or if I was hearing things! It sure beats dropping all I'm in the middle of to run to the door and find no one there! I'm very pleased with my purchase and the price is just incredibly worth it!
Michele Cassidy Michele Cassidy  

#Zoeview Wireless doorbell. The original doorbell I received didn't work but I contacted the seller and they quickly tried to troubleshoot. With no success they sent me a new doorbell that worked perfectly. I like the ease of use with this doorbell you just plug the receiver into the wall and mount the clicker at the door. You can change the sounds to 38 different chimes and the volume with a click of the buttons. Great seller and great product.
Charmaine Jackson Charmaine Jackson  

I used my Zoeview wireless doorbell for my backdoor entryway for a few weeks. I have a two level home and wanted to be able to hear when someone was that my backdoor. I also enjoyed the 38 different variety of chimes. My town got hit with a severe thunderstorms, the unit got very wet, & to my surprise the wireless doorbell still functioned. I than decided to move the doorbell to a basement apartment. I needed a doorbell & a pager alert system for my senior relative. I didn’t think it would work well because of the walls between the unit & the brick walls in the basement apartment. It work great no lagging or hesitation or static. This was an awesome purchase. I feel more comfortable to know my family member is able to Chime me anytime. More #zoeview #doorbell #chimes #wirelessdoorbell #weatherproof #cjymoneyent #pager #pageralarm #indooroutdoorliving #homedecor #apartmentdoorbells #Zoeviewwirelessdoorbell