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Shade-It - No.1 Windshield Sun Shade Promotion

AutoFXProducts™ is commited to providing the highest quality sun shades to ensure our customers are always satisfied! Start preventing the heat and UV damage in the interior of your vehicle.

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Shade-It - No.1 Windshield Sun Shade

Start preventing the heat and UV damage in the interior of your vehicle!

You probably know as it is a common problem in the summer for vehicles to get extraordinary hot, and become worn out in the interior from UV damage.

Shade-It has the solution for this, stop your vehicle from becoming a sauna, and start saving your interior before its to late. It's one of if not the most valuable small investments you can make so that life is alot better for you and your vehicle.

Our customers are #1 and we want to share with you our sun shade to help better your summer this year.