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WinAntiRansom Security Software Promotion

In December 2015, WinPatrol released WinAntiRansom, the best antiransom software on the market

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WinAntiRansom Security Software

Ransomware continues to hijack computers with new versions coming out weekly. These viruses hold computers ransom, extort consumers, business and government agencies. Productivity is halted when data security is breached. Last year alone, there were $325 million in damages as a result of ransomware and according to security industry experts at and it is only going to get worse in 2016.

In December 2015, WinPatrol released WinAntiRansom, the best antiransom software on the market. Why is it best? It blocks current and future versions of Ransomware by leveraging its built-in Artificial Intelligence Engine. New versions of Cryptowall are being released frequently, WinAntiRansom blocks them the first time it sees them. Other products only blocks versions once they obtained a sample and analyzed it in their labs. WinAntiRansom is about prevention! The PreEmptive strike feature kills Ransomware before it can encrypt your data.

Other security features include SafeZone, a folder you specify where you store important data and then specify which programs have access. Only programs you approve can touch those files! The Network/Share Lockdown feature grants the ability to specify which programs are allowed to access your share and your network, thus blocking the first point of attack for most Ransomware. Our Fast Start Guide helps walk you through testing out these features.

WinPatrol has been developing security software since 1997 and and also has WinPatrol and WinPrivacy in its portfolio of products. The software can be downloaded from the WinPatrol website. The license will be issued by email.