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West Leathers Women's Leather Belt Promotion

West Leathers belts are the epitome of elegant form meeting practical function.

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West Leathers Women's Leather Belt

West Leathers belts are the epitome of elegant form meeting practical function. The combination of expert construction and great contemporary style is what makes West Leathers belts distinctively exclusive. West Leathers creates fine crafted belts of extraordinary beauty, durability and functionality. Higher in quality West Leathers belts are made with high quality genuine leather concealed with fortifying polyurethane. They are crafted with fine leathers that breathe, repel moisture and age gracefully. Our sturdy, lightweight, scratch resistance buckles are made with Zinc Alloy to create a substance with greater strength and resistance to corrosion. Fashionable West Leathers offers an array of modern, and traditional belts. Our stylish sophisticated buckles are suitable for everyday wear as well as special occasions.

100% Genuine Leather

Perfect fit For an absolute great fit just follow these two simple steps:
1. To loosen belt from buckle- firmly push the belt forward inner way in buckle and closure will lift on its own. (No tools needed!)
2. Cut the belt to your desired size and secure it firmly with closure. You're no longer restricted to 1 inch size adjustments, but can get a perfect, superb, and custom-fit all the time!

Christine Waters Christine Waters  

Great adjustable belt. Has a hole punch for extra adjustments. Nicely packaged love that I got this at a discount in exchange for my honest review.
Clint & Wendy Asbell Clint & Wendy Asbell This is a very nice looking 100% genuine leather belt. It comes attractively packaged in its own box and cloth bag. The box and bag can be reused for storage to protect it from scratches. The box can also be wrapped and used for gift giving. West End's stylish belt looks nicer than the price point suggests. The finish is smooth. The buckle is high quality. The zinc alloy has a very pretty sheen to it and is scratch resistant. The leather looks like it will be durable so I expect to get a lot of wear out of it. I received this item at a discount in return for my honest thoughts on it. I am very pleased with it. I would buy this again at full price and would give it as a gift. -W
Tammy White Tammy White  

Beautiful ladies belt! I am pleased with my purchase because the quality is better than I expected. I can adjust this belt very easily and wear it with anything. #wb1 #westleathers
Jennifer Racut Jennifer Racut  

Really nice genuine leather belt. Fits perfect. No more holes in my shirts from belt buckle
Linda Limas Linda Limas #wb1 Beautiful belt brown in color darker on the edges. Perfect addition to your fashion accessories. Easy to size even includes a tool for making a new hole. Comes in. A gift ready box. So perfect love it.
Cheryl Laboy Cheryl Laboy  

West Leathers Women's Leather Belt Leather Belts Really nice, high quality belt. Color is perfect and love the soft genuine leather. Unfortunately, I ordered a size too big, but thankfully belt is adjustable with just a few easy steps. Perfect belt; looks great, comfortable, and well made.
Alex Bradshaw Alex Bradshaw  

West Leathers Belt