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Waterproof IPhone 6s Case Promotion

The case is designed specifically for the iPhone 6 and 6s to provide full access to all the phone functions.

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Waterproof IPhone 6s Case

SoundWhiz ActionShield IP68 Waterproof iPhone Case

No matter what your activity is - whether you're hiking the Rockies, Kayaking the Colorado or Snorkelling the Keys, the ActionShield provides the ultimate protection for your $700+ iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. The case is shockproof, dustproof, snowproof, and the perfect protection for your phone no matter what your activity is.

The case is designed specifically for the iPhone 6 and 6s to provide full access to all the phone functions, including touchscreen, fingerprint scanner, volume controls, plus the power and audio jack ports. It only takes a moment to install your phone before heading out - so it's the ultimate hassle-free way to get complete confidence that your phone is safe.

SoundWhiz ActionShield comes with a 12 month Manufacturer's Warranty.

Activities you can do with confidence with your SoundWhiz ActionShield include:
1) Snorkelling (dive down to 30ft without leaks!)
2) Surfing
3) Kayaking / Rafting / Outrigging
4) Climbing / Mountaineering / Hiking
5) Running
6) skiing & snowsports
7) Cycling / Mountain biking / Trail Biking
8) Relaxing at the beach
9) Chilling in the pool / sauna / hot tub / bath
10) Showing all your mates how your phone is protected while their's isn't!

Sarah Kremer Sarah Kremer  

Got This Off Amazon For My Key West Trip! It Is Water Proof So I Am Ready To Take Some Picture When We Go Snorkeling!