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Waterproof Dry Bag 10L (Sky Blue), Waterproof Pouch And Phone Case Promotion

It features double closure strip seals that make it two times safer than ordinary roll top dry bags.

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Waterproof Dry Bag 10L (Sky Blue), Waterproof Pouch And Phone Case

Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Activities And Keep All Your Stuff Perfectly Protected From Water Thanks To The Ultimate Waterproof Dry Bags Set!

Following an active lifestyle and doing outdoor activities such as kayaking and rafting can be incomparably exciting!

However, water can literally ruin your cell phone, camera or wallet.

If you have been looking for an effective way to keep all your personal belongings dry no matter what extreme water activity you do, your quest stops here!

The Freegrace outdoor dry bag set for swimming and camping is exactly what you need.

A Pack That Includes Everything You Need To Keep All Your Stuff Safe And Dry

This top notch set includes the best waterproof dry bag for snorkeling, kayaking and any water sports. It is made of 500D Tarpaulin that makes it extremely sturdy, lightweight and tear resistant.

It features double closure strip seals that make it two times safer than ordinary roll top dry bags.

Last but not least, it has an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap that allows you to effortlessly carry it.

This scuba and kayak waterproof dry bag will keep your things dry even if you submerge it into water!

Along with the boating waterproof bag, you will receive a waterproof waist pouch that features an adjustable 33.5-46.85 inch waist line, allowing you to wear it as a waist pack, a cross-body bag, or even a shoulder bag.

Furthermore, you will get a practical waterproof cell phone case that is made of flexible, PVC free EVA material.

It can fit an iPhone 6s plus, it is touch screen friendly and the transparent window allows you to take pictures and videos while you have it on.

Do Not Waste Time And Place Your Order Now While Supplies Still Last!

Lori Resnick Lori Resnick  

What A Lovely Place :) Scott Resnick You Will Like It!
Michael Crompton Michael Crompton  

Https:// I'm Using This Gear In My Bugout Bag. I Put Tissue Paper In All The Bags And Submerged Them For An Hour. Not One Drop Of Water Got Inside The Bags. The 10L Dry Bag Is Being Used To Hold All My Dry Clothes. The Smaller Dry Pouch Will Hold My Fire Starting Kit What Has Stuff That Can't Get Wet. The One For The Phone Will Hold.... My Phone. These Dry Bags Are Quality! They Work! Anyone Who Could Use A Dry Bag Should Buy One Of These. I Highly Recommend This Product! The Materials Used To Make These Bags Are Sturdy And Great Quality. This Bag Can Be Used Alone Or To Use In A Pack. I Will Absolutely Be Buying A Larger One To Put In My ILBE Bag To Keep My Whole Kit Dry. Great Gear Is A Sign Of A Great Company! As A Disclaimer, I Received These At A Discounted Price In Exchange For My Honest And Unbiased Review And My Opinions Are Truly Genuine And Were Not Influenced By The Seller, Amazon, Or The Manufacturer.
Melody Gravitt Melody Gravitt  

Really Nice 10L Dry Bag. We Tested It Out And It Works Great!
Amy Pennington Amy Pennington  

Https:// Wow What An Awesome Waterproof Bag. I Was Not Sure How Well These Would Work At First But They Are Amazing. You Can Actually Put Tons Of Dry Stuff In The Bag Which Has A Ziplock Closure Then Then You Just Roll It Over And Snap It. Comes With A Strap You Can Use On The Side Or You Can Easily Unhook And Remove It. Got These To Use With Our Kayaks But Would Be Great For Any Activity You Need To Keep Stuff Dry. There Is Also A Cell Phone Pouch That Fit My IPhone 6 Great. As Another Bonus You Get A Small Bag That Also Zip Locks And Velcro To Keep Smaller Things Dry. Highly Recommend This! I Was Given A Discount On The Product In Exchange For My Honest Unbiased Review.
James Wise James Wise  

Https:// This Is A Great Set Of Waterproof/dry Bags And Pouches. The Large One Is Great For Clothing Or Food, The Cell Phone Pouch Is Nice To Keep Your Phone Out Of The Elements, And The Touchscreen Still Functions In It, And The Fanny Pack Is Nice For Smaller Items. ( The Bigger Bag Also Functions As A Floatation Device In An Emergency ) These Would Be Great For Hiking, Camping, Biking, Boating, Rafting, Or The Water Park. Made From Very Thick 500D Tarpaulin. Everyone Has A Strap Or Lanyard For Ease Of Carrying. I Would Highly Recommend These To Others. Quality - A+ Manufacturing - A+ Functionality - A++
Emmy Hernandez Emmy Hernandez  

What A Great Set Of Items! Such A Perfect Gift For Those That Go Out On The Water Or Camping. The Bag Is Really Thick Pvc Material That Feels Lightweight But Extra Durable And Waterproof. The Straps Have A Nice Width So They Don't Cut Into The Shoulders. They Are Also Adjustable Which Is Great For Keeping The Bag Close To The Body Providing Stability At A Moment Where You May Need Balance And Don't Need The Feeling Of Something Swinging Around On Your Back. There Are Double Zip Lock Seals You Press Together Firmly, Then You Roll It And Buckle It And Its Triple Protection From Any Water Getting In This Bag. It's Pretty Neat That It Can Be Kept At A Bigger Size Or Rolled Down Further To Make The Bag Shorter. When You Are Not Using It, It Simply Folds Flat And Takes Up Very Little Storage Room. I Also Love The Waterproof Cell Phone Case Which Is Very Durable And Will Keep Your Cell Phone From Getting Wet. The Waterproof Waist Pouch Is Adjustable And Fits Up To 46.85 Inch Waist Line And Is Great For Using It As A Waist Pack Or As A Cross Body Bag. Overall I Really Love This Set!!!!! It Is A Complete Waterproof Kit For Any Water Activities You May Be Doing And It Will Definitely Keep Your Expensive Phones Or Equipment From Getting Wet Or Damaged!! Gotta Try It!
Andrew McRae Andrew McRae  

Two Of My Friends Have These Bags And I Am Super Excited To Receive Mine. This Is A Discounted Item From The Seller. I Have Used Other Peoples Bags For Two Main Purposes. First To Naturally Keep Items Dry. When I Have Gone Camping I Put All Of My Clothes In The Waterproof Bag And Then Put That Bag In The Main Compartment Of My Pack. Thankfully My Buddy Gave Me Mercy And Loaned It To Me Because When It Rained For Three Days Everything Was Wet Except For My Packed Clothing. The Second Best Use Is To Keep Wet Things In. Ice And Refreshments For Going Out Are Such A Great, Light And Portable Thing To Have!
Debi Calimlin Debi Calimlin  

SoutherncollardThis Bag Really Does Work And It Comes With A Cell Camera Bag That Allows You To Take Underwater Pics. And Also A Waterproof Fanny Pack. #freegrace Https://
Marta Paz Marta Paz  

I Bought This Waterproof Bag On Amazon. What A Great Bag To Hold All Your Electronics While You Go Boating Or While You Are At The Beach Or Water Park.This Bag Will Keep All Your Stuff Nice And Dry. The Bag Is Large Enough To Hold A Lot Of Items Such As Your Phone, Your Car Keys With The Alarm, Your Watch, Your Camera, Your Glasses Etc. No More Wet Electronics Or Sand On Your Belongings.It Is Made With Super Strong Plastic And Even If It Falls Into The Water You Don't Have To Worry As It Is Air Tight.
Jason Morris Jason Morris  

Waterproof Dry Bags Set Of 3 By Freegrace All I Can Say Is $16 To Protect Your $400 Plus Investment In A No Brainer! I Got The 10L Bag With The Intent Of Putting Inside My Everyday Backpack Or Rucksack (I Am Active Duty Military). However This Set Is Strictly For My Personal Use. I Like To Go Camping, Fishing And Hunting. Based On My Prior Experience With These Bags I Feel That This Will Suit My Needs. This Bag Helps Keep My Socks, Underwear And T-shirts Dry. I Also Use The Dry Bag For My Cell Phone (if I Think It Might Rain). It Is Nice To Keep My Phone Dry So I Can Stay Focused On The Things That Matter. So Far All The Bags Has Proven To Be A Great Investment. Manufacture States That The Following Warnings: **Freegrace Dry Bags Should Not Be Fully Submerged Underwater. **If You Intend To Put Electronic Devices Inside The Bag For Total Submersion, Make Sure You Have Our Freegrace Waterproof Pouch Or Waterproof Phone Cases Inside Your Dry Bag For Extra Protection. ~If You Take This Out On The Lake, Make Sure You Don’t Expel All The Air. You’ll Most Certainly Need Some Air In It, Otherwise If It Goes Over It Won’t Float. Overall: Based On My Leak Test I Feel Comfortable Using This For My Needs. I Would And Do Recommend This To Others. Https://
Chelsea Trujillo Chelsea Trujillo  

One More Item For My Upcoming #GirlsBeachVacation! This Thing Holds Airtight! I Kept Trying To Sink It With No Luck! Guess I'll Be Holding Everyone's Stuff At The Beach! Https://
Sarah Kremer Sarah Kremer  

Really Excited About Our New Dry Bag Stuff From Freegrace! Https://