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Watermelon Slicer Knife Cutter Correr Peeler Promotion

Our clients receive the package that contains a watermelon correr and a melon-baller, which you get as a bonus!

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Watermelon Slicer Knife Cutter Correr Peeler

Are you tired of mess while cutting watermelon with a knife? We know, people face, at least, two large problems while cutting this delicious fruit. The first one is a sweet pink juice that runs out over the place and the second one is the knife itself that starts to slip. We want to put an end to your struggles. A new innovative method of cutting and grabbing fruits effortlessly is here at your service!

SLICE AND GRAB WITH A SIMPLE GESTURE This watermelon slicer will do everything much better than a knife! It cuts through the fruit with a very little pressure and provides you with a stunning result. The sweet juice remains within the melon not on your table. After the main work is done, you need just to flip this utensil over and grab each slice out of the shell.

CONVENIENT IN USAGE Do you think that you'll have the problem with the grip? We tell you: NO, YOU WON'T. The design of our watermelon peeler is based on the anatomical features of your hand. Unlike most slicers, it's complemented with a rubber anti-slip handle for easy and firm grip.

LONG-TERM USAGE AND PERFECT CONDITION THROUGHOUT THE YEARS This server knife has nothing to do with ordinary kitchen utensils that lose its sharpness after a month of active usage. Our premium-quality watermelon cutter is made of stainless steel 304, with the thickness 1mm and weight 80g that doesn't rust and stays sharp during a long time. You can use this tool to cut cantaloupes, melons, honeydew and serve them your friends during holidays and picnics.

MORE PLEASURE FOR EVERY BUYER Our clients receive the package that contains a watermelon correr and a melon-baller, which you get as a bonus! We give a lifetime warranty on our server knife and believe you won't be disappointed. If there's something wrong with an item, feel free to contact us. Don't waste time, buy this innovative melon cutter and make cutting juicy fruits easier!