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Watermelon Slicer & Server Corer With Comfortable Handle + Strawberry Huller Promotion

Innovative product to cut and serve watermelon into perfectly smooth pieces of the same shape and thickness. Eat with pleasure! Suitable for all size watermelons!

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Watermelon Slicer & Server Corer With Comfortable Handle + Strawberry Huller

★ NOT SHARP / KID-FRIENDLY - Slicer safe for kids with rounded edges

★ PREMIUM QUALITY AND ECO-FRIENDLY - Only stainless steel of the highest quality is used in production; therefore, we provide a lifetime warranty on our knives. 
HappyWatermelon is a professional tool that also serves as a decorative element for your kitchen

★ ERGONOMIC DESIGN / DOES NOT SLIP OUT OF YOUR HANDS - Designing the knife's form, developers took into account the anatomical features of a hand; therefore, the knife is easy and safe to use.
A big grip facilitates the process of cutting. We have taken care to ensure that you will get a perfect result with less effort. HappyWatermelon does not slip out of your hands and will not cause injuries

★ EASY TO USE - Save your time with Happy Watermelon. There are no complicated mechanisms-only a simple and reliable knife that slices your watermelon perfectly, without problems. Instruction «HOW TO» comes with a box

★ LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We believe 100% in the product's quality; therefore, we provide a lifetime warranty on HappyWatermelon knives. Buy once, use for your whole life.

Are you still hesitant about buying the HappyWatermelon knife?

Just imagine yummy fruit pieces of perfect shape and size.

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