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Water Filter Pitcher 6 Cups. Super Slim .Certified Promotion

Wamery is SUSTAINABLE brand donating a percentage of your order to NGO's around the world to preserve fresh water for our children to come.

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Water Filter Pitcher 6 Cups. Super Slim .Certified

SLIM & PORTABLE: Space saving 6 cups (1,5 liter) pitcher designed to fit in any refrigerator shelf or door and it is small enough take it outdoors and fill anywhere you go. Forget about the old fashion under sink water filters and installation. Wamery Pitcher is made of a durable and resistant BPA FREE plastic dishwasher safe. You can use filtered water at your house or apartment for drinking, preparing coffee, tea, cooking, filling ice cubes and feeding our pets and plants.
FAST FILLING: on the top of the pitcher there is a smaller lid to fill it without needing to take the whole lid off. It is time-saving refill system. The jug has a Spill Proof Locking Lid designed to stay it its place especially when pouring. Every filter last for 42 Gallons (almost 160 liters) which means 1 month if you fill it 3 times a day or 2 months if you refill it 2 times a day. Get the most convenient water filter system for a long lasting life.
FREE FILTER: The box contains a FREE filter with neutral PH. The output water is constantly tested and certified by WQA NSF/ANSI 42, 53 and 372 against Copper, Mercury, Cadmium, Chlorine and lead from the pipes thanks to 4 stages filter: ION Exchange Resin, Charcoal, Coconut Activated Carbon and a final Micro Mesh Filtration. It guarantees a clear water improving the odor and the taste of your faucet water. To replace it just look for the product B06XB71VBT
ALKALINE FILTER: an alkaline replacements set is designed for this pitcher. Alkaline cartridges purify water plus increase the PH of your tap water up to 9 optimizing your body performance. If you are a sporty person looking for a fast hydrate, muscle recovery, anti-oxidant to keep yourself young and reduce weight then this is the perfect filter for you. Fill up your bottle water and take it with you when you go running, to the gym or practice your favorite sport. Amazon Product B06XB71VBT.