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Set Of 7 Garments Laundry Bags Promotion

This reusable deluxe laundry bag is engineered to make washing your delicates a snap.

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Set Of 7 Garments Laundry Bags

EXQUISITE LAUNDRY BAG SET OF 7 PURCHASE THE BEST NOW - 1 Bra bag & 2 Small Bags (30" *40" ) & 2 Medium Bags (40" *50" ) & 1 Super-Sized Bag(50" *60" ) & 1 cylindrical Bag(35" *25" *25" ).

DELUXE WASH BAG SYSTEM - this reusable deluxe laundry bag is engineered to make washing your delicate a snap. Includes custom zipper protector, Bra Wash Bags fits cup sizes A, B, C, D. Laundry Wash Bags fit socks, scarfs, delicate and much more!

2015 DESIGN - Delicate Double-Layered Mesh Bag for lingerie -- Choose the best to Protect delicate,extend the life of Bra,Intimates and More.

SAFE AND SAVE - Your precious delicate go easily into the washer / dryer and safely come out smelling fresh and clean.Never Lose one of your socks or any other small garment ever,and your expensive bras,lingerie,hosiery and other garments are Safe and Separate,protect from rips,tangles and tears when you use our premium mesh wash bags.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE - If, for whatever reason, you don't absolutely love your new expert, super high quality Laundry Bag, just return it. We'll refund every penny (or replace it, if there is a problem). That's the WAMDER Guarantee.