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Vintage Leather Journal - Refillable Write Diaries For Men & Women Promotion

Then the beautiful rustic leather journal will bring you joy and aesthetic pleasure!

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Travel Diary For Men & Women 7”x5”- LUXURY Gift Set (3in1)

DO YOU ENJOY QUALITY CREATIVE HAND MADE IN ALL ITS AESTHETIC AND ARTISTIC MANIFESTATIONS? Then the beautiful rustic leather journal will bring you joy and aesthetic pleasure!A PERFECT COMBINATION OF LUXURIOUS LEATHER COVER AND PERFECT QUALITY PAPER - beautiful leather is not the only advantage of our journal. You will be pleased to use 300 pages of high-quality cream paper (counting both sides) to jot down any ideas for an article, story and even a new book, to put down the poems that suddenly come your mind or to describe your feelings after meeting an interesting person.ORIGINAL LOOK. This leather journal with a strap looks impressive due to its unusual decor and the leather band, which wraps around the journal adding an aristocratic charm to it.COMPACT SIZE (7.3 x 5.75 inches): - You can put the journal into your travel bag and take it on excursions to write down the interesting information - It will not take up much space at home on the shelf or on the bedside table.90 - DAY WARRANTY, but we are sure that our "COMFY STRAP" leather notebook will serve you for years without losing its look.3 in 1 BRANDED PACKAGING, IMPRESSIVE LEATHER JOURNAL, LUXURIOUS PEN - is a perfect set for a birthday, anniversary and professional holiday gift.Life is so beautiful and full of interesting events, so do not put off until tomorrow the opportunity to capture the joyful sensations not only in your thoughts but also on paper!Make your lucky purchase right now, Click the "Add To Cart" button to please yourself or impress your nearest and dearest people with an extravagant gift!