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VERNELL NEW YORK Stop Zits Over Night Acne Drying Lotion Promotion

This stop zits over night acne drying lotion will eliminate acne and protect skin overnight, no burning, irritation, redness, and other adverse side effect. Use twice daily , can apply with make up if desire.

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VERNELL NEW YORK Stop Zits Over Night Acne Drying Lotion

-Reduce inflammation as fast as 1 day
-Eliminate acne, oil, dead skin
-Control sebum production, prevent future breakouts
-Use day time or night time: Apply with the make up if desired

Chaila Jordan Chaila Jordan  

This Stops Zits Overnight Acne Drying Lotion From Vernell New York Is Amazing. I Noticed A Difference The First Night I Used It. It Actually Helped With Blackheads Too And Didnt Dry Out My Skin. You Can Get Yours Here #VernellNewYork