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Value Pack Of Mens And Womens Warm And Stretchy Winter Gloves By Excell Promotion

Winter is Coming but the Game Doesn't Stop! Stay Warm out there with 60% off our Sports Gloves.

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Value Pack Of Mens And Womens Warm And Stretchy Winter Gloves By Excell

WINTER GLOVES: Soft warm fleece winter gloves designed to keep your hands warm during the coldest winter months. Ideal for outdoor work and winter sports.

ELASTIC CUFF: One size fits most and designed for a snug fit , our winter fleece gloves feature a stretchy elastic cuff to keep the snow and wind out. Perfect for snowboarding and winter activities.

SPORTS GLOVES: Versatile and comfortable these warm winter gloves are suitable for outdoor adventures like hiking, jogging or skiing. Just the right amount of stretch to give you ultimate flexibility for driving and snowman building.

CARE: Made of warm fibers, these easy to clean gloves are machine washable and last for years. Durable and affordable fleece gloves makes a great gift for folks that love to hunt during the winter months.

GREAT VALUE: Get the most for your money when you buy in bulk. Quality bulk winter gloves for a low affordable price is great for big families. Get great quality and excellent value when you buy a bulk pack of fleece winter gloves.