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Valdler Sackcloth Stackable 24 Grid Jewelry Tray Promotion

Have you tired of untangling and organizing your jewelries every day

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Valdler Sackcloth Stackable 24 Grid Jewelry Tray

Color:M57 B
Have you tired of untangling and organizing your jewelries every day? Valdler jewelry tray offers an easy storage solution to your jewelry collection. Valdler jewelry tray is constructed with sturdy composite board warped in premium linen with removable compartment dividers. The high quality design and construction offers exceptional protection to your valuables. The jewelry strays can be securely stacked together to offer extra storage space to accommodate your growing collection.>
Materials: Linen, composite board>
Tray dimensions: 13.78"" x 9.45"" x 1.18""/35 x 24 x 3cm (L x W x H)>
Lattice dimensions (12 compartments): 1.97" x 1.97"/5 x 5cm>
Package included:
Jewelry Tray x 1

Zaneta Ortiz Zaneta Ortiz  

I'm Really Loving This New Stackable Jewelry Tray From #valdler It Helps Me Keep My Costume Jewelry Organized. I Separated My Costume Jewelry From My Genuine Stones And Metals In My Main Wooden Jewelry Box Because It Was Getting Too Cluttered And I Could Never Find Anything In A Hurry. Having Everything Out And Displayed For Easy Viewing Lets Me Pick And Chose The Right Pieces To Coordinate With My Wardrobe. I Can Even Pre-match And Organize Multiple Pieces By Color Or Style. It Comes With A Clear Zippable Dust Cover As Well So I Can Cover It When Its Not In Use To Prevent Dust, And Tarnish And Keep My Jewelry In Shiny Good Condition. Its Very Well Made And The Grid Dividers Between Each Section Are Nice And Firm. Each Grid Is Appropriate In Size To Fit A Large Chunky Bracelet Or Several Smaller Pieces Like Earrings. It Also Prevents My Chains From Getting Tangled And Mixed Up With Other Jewelry. Https://