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Valdler Lady Girl Mesh Feather Hair Clip Fascinator Hats Promotion

Choose a beautiful hair band to be eye-catching and stunning.

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Valdler Lady Girl Mesh Feather Hair Clip Fascinator Hats

Choose a beautiful hair band to be eye-catching and stunning. It is crafted with high quality material and will stay in place even you are being active.

Why not brighten your day with a simple hair band. What's more, it can be a decoration in your room.

1. Color: Black/Red/Beige/Grey
2. Size: 7.5inch
3. Material: Nylon Mesh
Package Includes:
1x Valdler Women Half Mesh Rose Decoration Fascinators

Rachel Miller Rachel Miller  

Https:// Https:// I Collect Fascinators So I Was Interested To See How This One Stacked Up To The Others I've Seen. I Selected Black. It’s Very Elegant And Delicate Looking. The Packaging Was Very Nice As Well, It Came In A Thick Zip-loc Like Bag That I’ve Continued To Store It In For Protection, My Cat Likes To Eye-ball The Feathers. Despite Delicate Appearances, The Fascinator Is Actually Quite Tough. The Material Is Very Strong And Stays Firmly In Shape. Even If You Accidentally Sit On It, It Will Keep Its Shape. Additionally, It’s Got Two Methods Of Attaching, A Clip And A Pin; I Only Clipped It In My Hair, But The Pin Allows For Attachment To Something Else, Which Is Pretty Cool. You Could Possibly Attach It To Another Headpiece Or Onto A Bag. I Love These Pieces For All Occasions. I Wear Them Out On A Daily Basis. Putting This On Feels Very Fancy, And You Can Arrange It Anywhere In Your Hair That You Like. The Only Drawback I Found Was That The Same Characteristic That Gives The Fascinator Its Strength Prevented Me From Being Able To Mold It At All. I Would’ve Loved To Be Able To Bend It To Slightly Curve Over My Face. Not A Big Deal Though, I Wasn’t Sure Whether Or Not It Would Be Malleable And The Fact That It Isn’t Just Means Its Structurally Intact. This Fascinator Comes In A Variety Of Gorgeous Colors And Will Add A Flair Of Drama To Any Look. Of Course It Won’t Be An Everyday Look For Everyone, But It’s Definitely Fun For A Special Occasion. I Usually Find These On Either End Of The Spectrum; Very Expensive At A Consignment Shop Or Lacking Some Quality At Mall Stores. I Feel This Is The Ideal Balance Of Quality And Value. I Was Able To Try Out This Fascinator For Free In Return For Trying It Out And Relaying My Honest Thoughts On It. I’m Definitely Looking To Add More To My Collection!