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Valdler Driving Sports Polarized Sunglasses Promotion

Best for riding motorcycles and bicycles, driving, running, fishing, racing, skiing, climbing, trekking or other outdoor activities.

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Valdler Driving Sports Polarized Sunglasses

Valdler Functional Glasses Valdler Sunglasses focus on a wide variety of functional glasses from night vision glasses,prescription glasses, sports cycling glasses,anti blue ray radiation computer glasses to UV400 protection polarized sunglasses. Key Features: AL-MG alloy, corroison resistance, hard texture,low density very light. Flexible arm can fit for almost all kinds of faces. Soft silicone nose pad and ear sock anti slip, comfortable even you are sweating. Tac Polarized Sunglasses lens anti-glare,100% UV Protection shatterproof and anti scratch.

Best for Motorcycle And Cycling Bicycle, Driving, Running, Fishing,Racing, Skiing and Climbing, Trekking Or Other Outdoor Activities. Enthusiasts Polarized Sunglasses Polarized sunglasses have a filter that works to prevent the glare from reflecting on flat surfaces (water, snow, road pavement) which interfere with vision. They can be highly useful for sports, driving, and fishing by helping the participant in these activities to see more clearly. They provide premium protection against the sun's harmful rays. Why are polarized sunglasses better than normal sunglasses? Polarized sunglasses can selectively eliminate the reflection from light coming from above the water surface while normal sunglasses don't have that function.

Package Includes: 1*Sport Polarized Sunglasses 1* Sunglasses Case 1*Sunglasses pouch 1*Cleaning cloth 1* 2 in 1 Mini Screwdriver Lifetime Warranty 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Please contact us when your item need Warranty.