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Valdler Bohemian Manmade Foam Paper Rose Flower Wreath Headband Promotion

Excellent handmade materials and exquisite workmanship

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Valdler Bohemian Manmade Foam Paper Rose Flower Wreath Headband

Brand introduction:
*Valdler is a professional manufacturer and trader in research, development and production of kinds of wedding accessories. We have been sourcing high-quality raw materials for our products since the establishment of our own company and factory. Our product lines include wedding dress, bridal gloves, bridal jewelery, wedding party decoration products, etc. Valdler will enjoy a splendid future with you throughout the world.

Color: white / Pink
Flower Width: appr. 4 cm
Flower Length: appr. 28 cm
Floral wreath diameter: appr. 15 cm
Material: Manmade Foam Paper Rose Flower

Excellent handmade materials and exquisite workmanship.
Easy to wear and creates a instant stunning new hair style.
Floral Headband with simply, sweet, elegant design, make you more charming.
These can instantly charge up the user's mood and instigate a party-mood in them.

Please allow 1-5 mm errors due to manual measurement and allow slight color difference due to different computer monitor.
These flower garlands are generally packed and delivered to the customer and in the due process, a couple of petals may fall off sometimes. But not need of bother about that, as such chances are one in a million and these minor pinch points do not stop one from admiring the man-made brilliance in wholesome.

Package included:
1 x Flower hairband