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Valdler 12-Inch Silent Non-ticking Indoor Wall Clock Promotion

Valdler wall clocks are wise decorating choices indeed due to their creatively designed styles, the economical price and overall craftsmanship.

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Valdler 12-Inch Silent Non-ticking Indoor Wall Clock With Metal Frame...

Are you still looking for wall clocks that can add the beauty to your interior design? Valdler wall clocks are wise decorating choices indeed due to their creatively designed styles, the economical price and overall craftsmanship.

1. Not all batteries are created equal,please use carbon zinc batteries only. voltage:1.5V.For examples: Panasonic voltage:1.5V.
2. DO NOT USE heavy duty, alkaline battery,rechargeable batteries.These batteries are not recommended due to fluctuations in the way these types of batteries disperse power.For example:Duracell alkaline battery.
3. Metal frame wall clock guarantees accurate time.
4. Weather-resistant case makes it tough enough for indoor use.
5. Large numerals against the face make it easy to view.
6. This precedent wall clock makes an attractive time piece in any room of the home or office.
7. Solid Packing Box keep wall clock safe. Package Included: 1 Piece of Wall Clock

Jaime Groleau Jaime Groleau  

Free To Review! Valdler Non-Ticking Wall Clock. Love How It Accents My Wall In Our Sunroom! Best Part Is That It Is Completely Silent! Find It Here: Https:// #valdler
Jana McDonald Jana McDonald  

Loving My New Clock From Valdler! Check Them Out Http://
Steven Weed Steven Weed  

Are You Still Looking For Wall Clocks That Can Add The Beauty To Your Interior Design? Valdler Wall Clocks Are Wise Decorating Choices Indeed Due To Their Creatively Designed Styles, The Economical Price And Overall Craftsmanship. Feature: 1.Not All Batteries Are Created Equal,please Use Carbon Z...
Bridgette Mahmood Bridgette Mahmood  

I Always Like A Big Clock To Put In My Bedroom Or Office. Something That You Can See The Numbers On From Any Side Of The Room. But What I Don't Like Is When I Am Trying To Sleep, And The Room Is Quiet, And All You Here Is: Tick, Tick, Tick. Or Your In Your Office Working, And Trying To Do Work, And All You Can Think About Is The Ticking. You Don't Have This Problem With The Valdler 12-Inch Silent Non-ticking Indoor Wall Clock With Metal Frame And Front Glass Cover. It Really Is A Silent Clock! It Takes Only 1 AA Battery (not Included). It Has A Nice Blue Face, And A Second Hand. And Looks Great With Any Decor. It Has Become My Favorite Wall Clock. I Gave The Clock 5 Stars. Check It Out On Amazon: Https:// #valdler #clock #timepiece #decor #beautiful #home #furnishings
Rich Klingler Rich Klingler  

I Bought A Cool Wall Clock And The Company That Sold It To Me Said I Should Write A Review. So Here It Is. FIRST IMPRESSION: Well Packed In Foam And Arrived In Perfect Condition. This Is A Beautiful Clock And Looks Amazing With It's Brushed Metal Appearance It Gets Our Attention Whenever You Walk Into The Room. USE: The Color Combination Works Very Well With The Wall Colors And Decor. Love That There Is No Ticking Or Noise Of Any Sort So You Have No Distractions When It Is Quiet. They Do Advise To Use Carbon Zinc Batteries Which Are About A Dollar A Piece Unless You Buy The Bulk Pack Which Comes Out To About Twenty Five Cents. I Believe These Batteries Will Provide A Much More Accurate And Much Longer Lasting Than The Cheap Batteries. So I Feel This Is Worthwhile Advice. Here Is The Link To Where I Bought It: