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Vacuum Storage Bags Promotion

Compact and convenient storage of things – generally a real challenge for any housewife.

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Vacuum Storage Bags

Compact and convenient storage of things – generally a real challenge for any housewife. The number of blankets, comforters, clothes in every family is able to fill all of the living space of your home. But there is a solution and it is quite simple. Just use vacuum storage bags!12 vacuum seal bags of different sizes - for all the things and shelves in a cabinet or dressing room. Whatever you put into the storage bag is reduced in volume by 3-4 times!

2 small travel vacuum bags can be placed in a suitcase, helping you fit everything you need for the trip in one bag.What is included in the box? 5 bags 15x19 inches 5 bags 27x39 inches 2 travel roll bags 13x19 inches 1 hand pump 12 silica gel packs.

The tightness of vacuum storage bags protect contents from dust, bacteria, and insects while the SilicaGel packs absorb all the moisture and create an additional barrier against unpleasant odors and mold.High-quality and easy-to-use set of 12 space saver bags. You are sure to find a bag in the size you need. Even the large and bulky items can be minimized for storage.

Traveling is always unpredictable. Even when we want to take along things for all occasions, we are limited to the size of suitcase. Do you want to change that? Use travel vacuum bags and take 3 times more clothes and items. Vacuum bags for water resistance, so your clothes will be protected against external influences. Use a small hand pump, included with the set, when you need to pack your suitcase. The hand pump is small and compact; you can easily take it with you when you travel.Why waste time? Order 12 Vacuum storage bags with 12 SilicaGel packs + FREE Hand Pump!