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UV Sterilizing Travel Wand Promotion

Keep you and your family safe and healthy wherever you go!

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UV Sterilizing Travel Wand

Ready To Kill Up To 99% Of Germs Wherever You Go...w/o Using The Expensive, Harmful "Chemical Methods"? Keeping Germs Away Has Never Been Easier! Sanitize In Seconds! Looking for a way to keep all sorts of surfaces or devices clean at home or on the go? Want to stop getting sick, without using harmful chemicals?

Stop wasting time with the old methods...take this with you to sanitize with the most effective technology around, Ultra Violet-C light! Keep you and your family safe and healthy wherever you go! Destroy germs and deodorize surfaces anywhere, including the insides of shoes and sneakers. Enjoy living free from illnesses caused by bacteria, germs and viruses. If you've tried other products but weren't happy with the NEED to give this a try! It is a truly effective and easy tool to use. Don't risk your health;

Immunocompromised? Even NICU babies can be kept free of germs using the UV-C light on clothes or jewelry before entering NICU. Anyone can get the clean environment they need and want. Simply Click "Add to Cart" to start disinfecting mobile devices, keyboards, steering wheels, kids toys, CPAP masks, nursing equipment and gear, you name it. 100% Risk Free! Lifetime Warranty! Note from the manufacturer: We apologize if our UVC wands are out of stock. We were recently featured in the media, so the supply of our sanitizer wand is extremely limited. If you see the green "In Stock" above, place your order to claim your wand now. We appreciate your business. Don't forget your 4-AAA batteries!