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UV Sterilizer Light Toilet Sanitizer Odor Reducer, Kills 99.9% Of Bacteria Promotion

The forpow Ultraviolet (UV-C) sanitizer light is a portable multifunctional UV sterilizer which is not only used to keep toilets clean, but also to purify the air in closet, shoebox, cupboard, etc.

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UV Sterilizer Light Toilet Sanitizer Odor Reducer, Kills 99.9% Of Bacteria


1. 99% KILLING GERM: with UV-C light,up to 99% sterilization rate, captured bacterial, kill airborne viruses, eliminate the actual growth of germ and mold spores.
2. AIR PURIFY FRESHENER: air cleaner with UV bulb, remove the odor, purifying air around your bathroom,bedroom,closet.
3. 6 MINUTES AUTO STERILIZATION: takes 6 minutes for 99.9% sanitation, permanently damaging the DNA of germs, it will close automatically after 6 minutes.
4. RECHARGEABLE: portable and rechargeable UV-C light design with built-in Li-ion battery, which means easy to operate with no extra wire and a longer life span.
5. SAFE & MULTI USE: safe, natural way to kill germs without the use of chemicals, perfect for pet areas, kitchen, Shoebox, Cupboard.

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