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UV Sterilizer Light Toilet Bathroom Sanitizer Promotion

The forpow Ultraviolet (UV-C) sanitizer light is a portable multifunctional UV sterilizer which is not only used to keep toilets clean, but also to purify the air in closet, shoebox, cupboard, etc.

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UV Sterilizer Light Toilet Bathroom Sanitizer

The forpow Ultraviolet (UV-C) sanitizer light is a portable toilet uv sterilizer for your family's health without the use of chemicals. it can also purify the air in closet,shoebox,cupboard.

why need it
Through a process called aerosolization every flush of your toilet creates a vapor that sends bacteria floating into the air throughout your bathroom. Some of these bacteria's live for weeks, contaminating items in the bathroom with fecal matter and other bacteria, for instance your tooth brushes, toilet paper, towels, walls, flush handle, drinking cups, woman's makeup, toilet handle, children's toys etc. The bathroom sanitizer is the only device which automatically sanitize your toilet bowl, seat, lid and water in bowl with medical grade ultraviolet light (UV) every time you close the toilet bowl lid,killing 99% of all germs and bacteria to filter the air.Such as mold spores,viruses,

How it works
the uv sanitizer light sticks to the underside of the toilet seat lid, when you close the lid, the sanitizer automatically turns on for 6 minutes,then automatically shuts off after completely sanitizing the toilet bowl, seat, lid and water.Powered by rechargeable battery. Has power status LED. When LED is blue, the power is enough, when the LED turns red, it is time to slide off from the cradle and re-charge it.

Works automatically. Does not require you to press any buttons.
Just close the toilet lid to make it work. Waterproof and shockproof design.
Break down the cell wall of the bacteria and quickly remove the odor,help the air quality.

what does it include
1 * Sterilizer 1 * USB cable