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Universal Worldwide Travel Adapter With Dual USB Ports And FREE BONUS - Stylish Case

Adapter could be used simultaneously with 3 different devices.

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Universal Worldwide Travel Adapter With 2 USB Ports & FREE BONUS - Stylish Case

VERSATILE APPLICATION - Adapter could be used simultaneously with 3 different devices. 2 USB ports with 2.4 and 1 amps current power provide fast charging for a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, MacBook's, MP3s, Digital Cameras, razors, GPSs and other devices you could need to use while traveling internationally or simply to recharge your smartphone at home.

FREE BONUS - STYLISH CASE - For your convenience Travel Adapter comes with a stylish case that protects against external damage.

NO MORE FALLING OUT FROM THE POWER OUTLET - Adapter stays in the socket tightly and firm.

SMART STYLISH DESIGN - Featuring matte rubber surface body and being compact, this contemporary style adapter is designed to suit both - ladies and gentlemen regardless of their travel purpose, being in a business trip, family vacation, or simply charging your portable device at a local coffee shop.

MULTINATIONAL USAGE - Makes your appliances usable in more then 150 countries: United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, South America, Asia, Caribbean, UK, Iceland, Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, China, Japan and more.