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Universal Soldering Iron Kit With Solder, Safety Metal Stand, Sponge Promotion

All-in-one soldering kit, high heating capacity, value-added features, perfect for hobbyists

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Universal Soldering Iron Kit With Solder, Safety Metal Stand, Sponge

ALL-IN-ONE SOLDERING KIT: Complete electric soldering iron kit with soldering iron, rosin core solder, metal safety stand and tip cleanning sponge.

HIGH HEATING CAPACITY: Package includes a 60W soldering iron with nickel-iron plated copper tip that heats up to 392~842 F (200~450 C)

VALUE-ADDED FEATURES: Includes a 5-feet long cord to give you plenty of workspace and cool grip rubber handle that stays cool

PERFECT FOR HOBBYISTS: A complete soldering kit for hobbyists, this set is ideal for basic soldering for building kits and small electronics

UNBEATABLE LOW PRICE 4-IN-1 SOLDERING KIT AND BUY WITH ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE thanks to our 100% money back lifetime guarantee.