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TSA Lock Promotion

TSA accepted luggage lock with durable metal construction for travel safety and security.

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TSA Lock


TSA accepted luggage lock with durable metal construction, useful and easy taking lock.

For Travel Safety And Security: Suggested uses, luggage, backpacks, bags, small cabinets, briefcases, computer bags, for indoor use only.

Easy To Use: 3-digit combination, the factory combination of the lock is 000, so you don't have to struggle with opening the lock, setting and changing the combination.

With Red Open Alert Indicator: Once TSA agent unlocks your suitcase, a red indicator will pop-up on your lock under the steel shackle. You can double check that nothing is misplaced or missing while you're still at the airport.

Crystal Kerchersky Crystal Kerchersky  

This travellock is from its a great little lock for traveling and even personal use such as brief cases and many more. You choose your own 3 digit code and its very easy as 1,2,3 to set up. The lock is very light weight and easy to use for all your travel trips through the airport. This lock is TSA accepted(travel sentry APPROVED). My honest opinion this lock is a top
Annie Phillips Annie Phillips  

TSA Lock TSA accepted lock with durable metal construction ,useful and easy .For travel safety and Security .Can be used for luggage, backpacks, small cabinets ,briefcases, computer bags for indoor use only .Easy to use 3 -digit combination, the factory combination is 000 so you don't have to struggle with opening the lock ,setting and changing the combination With Red Open Alert Indicator : Once TSA agent unlocks your suitcase a red indicator will pop -up on your lock under the steel shackle .You can check that nothing is misplaced or missing while you're still at the airport. #tasbel #tryitfree #safety #luggage #travel #airplane #Giveawayservice #review #reviewer
Rebecca Figueroa Rebecca Figueroa  

Just bought this TSA lock and I love it. It is very sturdy and just the right size. I will be using this lock for my upcoming vacation to the Caribbean. If you want to buy some of these as well, get it here: Once you receive your TSA lock, the setup is super simple. The instructions come on the back of the package with the lock in it. The instructions also have illustrations that you can use to set up your new lock. It has a three-digit combination so you can use a variety of different codes. Just remember which code you use. Since I will have a couple of bags for my trip, I will definitely be buying more of these TSA locks by Tasbel.
David Berger David Berger  

Tasbel TSA Lock. Know who's been in your luggage when traveling.
Linda Baker Linda Baker  

This Tasbel TSA lock is small but sturdy. yes a determined person could cut into your bag, but really where are you leaving it that it would be subject to that? The TSA people have a key that opens the lock so you can keep your personal combo your secret. Its only 3 numbers so it pretty easy to remember, and it was super easy to set to the numbers I wanted. The TSA feature allows for airport screening to occur without the need to the cut the lock free. I travel frequently and this is just another addition to helping me feel that my belongings are secure. i received this product at a discounted rate in return for my unbiased opinion. #tsalock #tasbel
Alexandra Scrimgeour Alexandra Scrimgeour  

Angela Bellamy Angela Bellamy  

This is a travel must have. The lock is sturdy and should hold up nicely with normal travel wear and tear. I like that the red tab let's you know if TSA has opened your suitcase with the skeleton key. I got it at a discount in exchange for my opinion on how it works.
Brijesh Bhavsar Brijesh Bhavsar  

New lock for my gym !! #tsalock !!
Tiffeny Monson Tiffeny Monson  

Cecilia June Cecilia June  

#tasbel #tsalock #highquality
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

I Am DONE!!! I Will Finish My Reviews I Am DONE!!! I Will Finish My Reviews!!  

#tsaapproved #UniversalLock #lifetime! This TSA approved locks will be going to Fort Lauderdale with Brianna!! You could reset the three digit combination to what ever you will remember. Every TSA agent will have the universal key for this. Glad I was able to take the chance to review this item
Jorge Pedroza Jorge Pedroza  

So glad I got the tasbel tsa lock. It's awesome and it lets me know if someone has opened my bag. #tsalock #tasbel #travel