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TRELC Ergonomic Design Bicycle Handlebar Grips Promotion

TRELC Ergonomic Design Bicycle Handlebar Grips, With Rubber Grip Black & Aluminum Barend And Bike Chainstay Protector

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TRELC Ergonomic Design Bicycle Handlebar Grips

1. Design of high comfortable ergonomic handle, can support the whole palm and the thumb, to provide the best touch feeling, for long time riding protective excellent
2. High strength 3D aluminum alloy strengthening locking ring turning, installation is firm and durable, the feeling of grasps is super comfortable.
3. The palm support part is more width than the average human body engineering, this design can both control feel better when riding, and ensuring the palm to relieve pressure.
4. Lock-on design and durable hard inner core Comes with aluminum handle bar end grip and black plastic end plugs Located in the palm of your hand to increase its width, it can take effect of reducing the vibration in the riding process.
5. The horn can be 360 degree roate.