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Travel Wallet-Neck Pouch Promotion

Wallet size is ideal for documents, money, keys, credit cards:

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Travel Wallet-Neck Pouch

The Travel Wallet-Neck Pouch has 8 pockets in various sizes: 3 large - for passports, documents, banknotes and 5 small - for business cards and credit cards, keys and coins. Zippers on the pockets are easy to open and close.
Wallet size is ideal for documents, money, keys, credit cards:
- length 7.3 in, width 5.7 in, weight 4.6 oz
- Wallet can easily be unfolded up to 11,4 in
- Wallet is easy to hide under the outer clothing if necessary.
- There are large pockets inside the wallet for a mobile phone, documents and ID-cards, which are not protected from radio waves.
- There are special pockets for credit cards, which are protected from the scan.
This wallet can be trusted, because:
- The RFID protection material is certified by the manufacturer.
- Durable 420 D nylon fabric stitched with kapron threads does not tear apart.
- The strap has no fastenings and spring hooks, which easily snap and break during service.
- Multi-row reliable Velcros stay fastened even in the rain.