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TotalSpa® Shower Slide Bar (30 Inch) With Hand Shower And Body Massage Jets Promotion

3-in-1 shower system * world's only height, angle & tilt adjustable slide bar * mounts instantly onto your existing shower arm * no tools * no plumbing * patented and designed in USA * 10-year manufacturer warranty

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TotalSpa Shower Slide Bar (30 Inch) With Hand Shower And Body Massage Jets

TotalSpa® 3-in-1 Drill-free 30" Height/angle/tilt Adjustable Hand Shower Slide Bar with Body Jets / Chrome

• 3-in-1 Shower System features Slide Bar, Hand Shower & Mini Shower Massage Panel

• World's Only Height, Angle & Tilt Adjustable Slide Bar

• Luxurious All-chrome 5-setting Hand Shower with Convenient Pause Mode, Rub-clean Jets and 3-zone Click Lever Dial

• High-power Angle-adjustable HydroSpa Body Jet Massager with 4 Direction-adjustable Jet Heads

• Revolutionary Forward/Back Tilt-adjust System with Wall Support

• Hand Shower and Body Massager can be used Separately or Together

• 2-ft. Range Height and Angle Adjustable Hand Shower Slide Bracket

• Easy-to-reach 3-way Water Direction Switch

• Super-flexible Stainless Steel Hose connects to lower bar end for 2-foot longer reach

• Mounts Instantly onto Your Existing Shower Arm, No Tools, No Plumbing • Patented and Designed in USA

• 10-year Manufacturer Warranty