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Titanium Spork - Outdoor Flatware Promotion - $0.95 Promo Price

Outsmart titanium spork will make your pack lighter

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Titanium Spork - Outdoor Flatware Promotion - 0.95$ Promo Price

Titanium Spork - Outdoor Flatware - $0.95 Promotion Price

OutSmart Titanium Spork Will Make Your Pack Lighter While Allowing You To Enjoy Your Meals As If You Were Using Traditional Flatware.

SMART DESIGN: 3in1 Metal Fork, Spoon & Knife (Serrated Edge) Combo with Added Ridges for Maximum Stiffness.

QUALITY: Ultralight (0.8 Ounces) and Durable 100% Titanium Spork.

SAFE: Heat Resistant, Non-toxic, Dishwasher Safe and Biocompatible.

BONUS: Easy-Lock Carry Case with Carabiner Ring.

What You Will Love About the Titanium Spork by OutSmart Gear?
• It is easy to use and very practical. The design smartly integrates the spoon, fork and knife.
• It is ultralight - it weighs only 0.8 ounces (22 grams).
• Stronger than other titanium sporks - it is bend resistant thanks to the ridges added along the edge.
• Matt surface - fingerprint resistant, scratch free and easy to clean (dishwasher safe).
• Angular spoon - great for reaching corners of the food container.
• Functional serrated edge - safe for your mouth and deep enough to cut effectively.
• Heat resistant - titanium has a melting point of 2,372 F/1,300 C so you can even use it over direct fire.
• Durable - non-corrosive, non-magnetic, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and biocompatible with human skin.
• Excellent for outdoors: camping, hiking, fishing, backpacking, on a boat or in a picnic basket. It is also perfect for taking it to work, college or school and impress your colleagues.