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Titanium Coated Gold Coffee Dripper Promotion

As easy to clean up as it is to use!

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Titanium Coated Gold Coffee Dripper

Goldenwide Upgraded Version Titanium Coated Gold Pour Over Cone Coffee Dripper Made of 18/10 Stainless Steel and coated with a gold titanium layer. It is highly durable, and can withstand high heats. It does not absorb any essential oils like a paper filter does, and results in a richer better-tasting coffee. The thin and thick double filter consists of tiny laser-cut holes and a stainless steel mesh on top ensures a plenty of extraction time, allows more oils and aromatics through, offering a rich, full flavored cup

FEATURES: Eco-Friendly Our stainless steel coffee filter is an eco-friendly choice and eliminates the need for disposable paper filters that are expensive, wasteful and that prevent flavorful oils in your beans from passing through to your coffee cup. Reusable and easy to clean As easy to clean up as it is to use! Just scoop out the used grounds from your stainless steel coffee dripper, rinse the fine high-quality mesh filter under warm running water and dry thoroughly after use. Versatile use Designed to fit on most cups, mugs, thermoses, small pots, and even carafes, including but not limited to, Osaka, Chemex, Hario, Bodum and more.
Reusable and Permanent.
Say goodbye to paper filters. Portable make coffee anywhere with hot water such as camp fire or heat up hot water in microwave, No need for a coffee machine to have a decent cup of coffee and produce your own brew.

What are you waiting for? Just press the "Add to Cart" button to MAKE YOUR OWN ICE BREW COFFEE NOW.