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Tinkle Belltm Dog Doorbell For Housebreaking Promotion

Your search for the best Dog Doorbell is finally over. Purchase your Tinkle Belltm today! 95% SUCCESS RATE. Easily and Quickly Train Your Dog To Ring the Tinkle Bell When Nature Calls. Step-by-Step Instructions are Included.

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  People Can Apply:  02/10/2015 - 02/16/2015

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  Final Shipment Date:  02/19/2015

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Tinkle Belltm Dog Doorbell For Housebreaking

95% SUCCESS RATE ☞ Easily and Quickly Train Your Dog To Ring the Tinkle Bell When Nature Calls. Step-by-Step Instructions are Included.

SAFER ☞ Your Dog's Nails Can Easily Get Caught in Jingle Type Bells. Tinkle Bell Has No Dangerous Slots for Nails to Get Caught In

NO DOOR SCRATCHING ☞ Other Dog Doorbells Encourage Dogs To Scratch the Bell Right Next to the Door. Guess What Your Door Soon Looks Like? Our Bell is Attached

EASY TO INSTALL ☞ Tinkle Bells Come with Strong Double Sided Tape. You can Mount the Tinkle Bell on the Door or Wall.

SOLID METAL ☞ Unlike Strap Doorbells that are Made With Thin Fabric That Can Easily Fray Over time From Scratching Tinkle Bells Are Made Out of Solid Metal  
Try the original Tinkle BellTM and if it ever breaks or your dog simply is in that 5% that can't be trained to use it return it for a full refund of the purchase price.

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1) You must be the owner of a dog willing to train your dog to use the Tinkle Bell.

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