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Tie Rack [2 Pack] Scarf Organizer Promotion

No more crumpled, rumpled ties! The perfect solution for hanging your ties, keeping them neat and unwrinkled. 

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Tie Rack [2 Pack] Scarf Organizer

No More Crumpled, Rumpled Ties!
The perfect solution for hanging your ties, keeping them neat and unwrinkled.
Well Designed, Does An Excellent Job!

Great for Helping with Closet Organization
Space-saving, compact and tidying up your closet, the hangers hold ties nicely so nothing is getting caught anywhere or falling off, and let's you view all of your ties, easily.
Durable construction, thin space saving design also maximizes closet space.

To Organize Long Necklaces
The necklaces hang straight and it only takes a little space in the closet. If anyone wears the long necklaces, this is one item to look into.

20 Hooks Can Hold Ties, Belts or Other Scarves Accessories
The little design has 20 hooks and handy rotating ties rack is an easy and convenient way to store all your favorite ties.
They don't fall off the rack like they slip off the hanger. They keep them separate for you to just pull the one you want instead of pulling one and the rest slip to the ground.
Dimension with 4.4"L x 4.4"W x 4.3" H, they can hold the weight of 20 Camis.

Installation Tips:
1) Hold hanger vertically above the center hole in the base
2) Double check to ensure that upturned ends are facing in the upward direction (The hooks face upward
3) Carefully put the split end of the hanger in the hold in base.
Once both split ends are properly in the hole,press down firmly while rotating hanger back and forth

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