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Vida Cup Promotion Number 2

The Vida Menstrual Cup made from 100% Medical Grade Silicone. Made in Germany, comes in two sizes, Small : Pre Birth / C Section, Large : Post Birth. The best alternative feminine product to tampons…

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The Vida Cup

About the Product

♥ CHOOSING The right Medical Silicone with FDA Approval is important, because we care what you do to your body. We created these cup menstrual for all Women. Made in Germany, ensures Safety, Quality and Reliability. The Vida is firm but Flexible and very easy to use, and very comfortable to wear during your periods, you will forget it's there.

♥ THIS LIFE CHANGING Medical cup, is much more cleaner and hygienic to use compared to the Kotex and other feminine hygiene products. You will no longer feel uncomfortable down there, Period Dryness and Itchiness will be gone, less Cramps with your Periods in your Monthly Calendar. This Cervix Cup, during your heavy period, will be the best for you Menstrual Solutions.

♥ THESE REUSABLE Vida Cups will give you service for 15 years with correct maintenance, meaning that you purchase once only during your Menstruation life, with a small outlay of around 20 dollars for a Vida, compared to approx $5000 for traditional menstrual products.

♥ THE BENEFITS Of using the Vida are many, just to name a few. There is no need to change the Vida for 12 hours during normal flow. Imagine sleeping through the night without waking to change, or not finding soiled bedding. Could you ever dream of jumping into a swimming pool, or a paddle in the surf without any worries, or even going bike riding or travelling long distances, women can even go camping or hiking having the confidence to know that they are in control of their menstruation. Even if you have a irregular period, this cup will help. Your woman's periods cycle will never be dreaded again.

♥ WE OFFER OUR FAMOUS, 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee, because we stand by our products, and understand that Customer Satisfaction is our Priority. You can be assured that we will offer you the best of service, if you ever have any issues regarding your purchase or use of the Vida.