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The Smiling Spork Promotion Promotion

Perfect for daily use in the kitchen, as a spoon, fork or knife...

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The Smiling Spork Promotion

The Smiling Spork!

100% Titanium SPORK 3 in 1 Spoon-Fork-Knife.

Multipurpose: Perfect For Daily Use In The Kitchen, As A Spoon, Fork or Knife, Perfect To Take To Work, College And School.

Spork For Casual Or Serious Traveler, Perfect For Outdoors, Camping, Hiking, Fishing And Any Other Outdoor Activities.

Not Too Big And Not Too Small. Optimum size: length 6.7 inch, width 1.5 inch, weight 0,74 oz (21 g).

Non-Toxic, Safe And Durable. Made To Last Forever. Light weight.

And Super Robust. 100% Titanium SPORK.